Ringside USA Kick Shield (Clearance)
Ringside USA Kick Shield (Clearance)

Ringside USA Kick Shield (Clearance)

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The Ringside USA Kick Shield is a military surplus kick shield that soldiers in the Army used for force-on-force training.

Made by Ringside USA, the premium brand in the amateur fighting equipment industry, you can be assured that this kick shield will provide for years of training use.

The Ringside USA Kick Shield is a premium heavy duty kick shield designed for intensive force-on-force training. You can build up strength in your kicks or power punches by utilizing this kick shield in your training routine. When training your training partner will hold this kick shield and change positions repeatedly to give you the training scenario that results in the best results for mixed martial arts type fighting. Soldiers used these kick shields for their own force-on-force training where they were they helped soldiers develop their fighting skills.

  • Authentic US Army Surplus Kick Shield
  • Made by Ringside USA
  • Dimensions: 17" x 24" x 5" (approximate)

Brand new item. May have cosmetic markings.